Electrical Project


Outlets (GFCI)


Install Standard Doorbell

Install Video Doorbell

Ceilling Fan

Interior Light Fixture

Light Conversion

Remove existing light replace with led flush mount light

Exterior Light Fixture - Low

Exterior Light Fixture - High

Mount Bracket & Install TV


Total for Electrical


Water Heater 1 Floor

Water Heater Attick

Toilet Flange and/or Wax Ring

Toilet 1st Floor

Toilet 2nd Floor

Toilet/water Heater Disposal

Exchange Toilet Flush Kit

Flush A/C Drain Line

Flush Water Heater

Kitchen Faucet Assembly

Bathroom Faucet Assembly

Garbage Disposal


Under Kitchen Sink Drain Line Leak Repair

Under Bathroom Sink Drain Line Leak Repair

Pressure Wash Drive/Walk Ways/Patios
* Calculated per Sq ft

Repla Shut Off Valves Interior For Sink Toilets Etc..

Total for Plumbing


Replace Air Return With New Return

Change Thermostat

Clean, Paint, Caulk Air Vent

Total for HVAC


Laminate Flooring

Tile Flooring
* Calculated by Sq ft

Total for Flooring


Closet Rod

Exterior Single Pre-Hung Door

Exterior Pre-Hung Double Doors

Stain Exterior Door

Front Door Handle

Sliding Doors Interior

French Door Interior

Interior Pre-Hung Door

Interior Door Stops

Bi-Fold Doors

Replace Attic Door

Sliding Closet Doors

Total for Doors

Landscaping / Pools

Replace Leaking Back Flow Bell on Irrigation System

Sprinkler Head Repair


Hard Scape Installation
* Calculated per Sq ft

Fence Weather Protect Stain Seal

Deck Weather Protect Stain Seal
* Calculated per Sq ft

Replace Fence Pickets
* Calculated per picket

Total for Landscaping / Pools

Home Hardware

Exchange Existing Interior Door Hardware

Exchange Existing Interior / Exterior Door Hinges

Exchange Existing Exterior Door Hardware

Exchange / Install Window Blinds

Install Curtain Rod and Mount Hardware

Install Grab Bar (Shower / Bath Tub)

Total for Home Hardware

Exterior / Roof / Windows / Siding

* Calculated per linear foot

Fascia With Trim
* Calculated per linear foot

* Calculated per linear foot

* Calculated per Sq ft

30yr Shingles
* Calculated per Sq ft

Seal Vents and Nail Pops and Chimney

Clean Gutters
* Calculated per linear foot


Replace Non Opening Window Glass
* Calculated per Sq ft

Demo Existing Siding and Replace with Hardie Siding
* Calculated per Sq ft

Exterior Paint
* Calculated per Sq ft

Wood Rot Repair
* Calculated per Sq ft

Plywood Repair
* Calculated per Sq ft

Caulk Windows
* Calculated per linear foot

Total for Exterior / Roof / Windows / Siding

Drywall and Paint

Scrape Popcorn Ceiling
* Calculated per Sq ft

Sheet Rock Repair Wall
* Calculated per Sq ft

Sheet Rock Repair Ceiling
* Calculated per Sq ft

Drywall Entire Room

Paint Int / Ext
* Calculated per linear foot

Paint Trim
* Calculated per linear foot

Tile Work Shower / Bathroom / Floor Tile / Back Splash

Total for Drywall and Paint

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Install

Kitchen Cabinet Assemble

Kitchen Backsplash

Exchange Toilet Seat

Bath Vanity with Top

Bathroom Hardware Set

Bath Mirror

Total for Kitchen Cabinet

Trash Haul / Material Pick Up

1.5 cu yard of Trash 1 Pickup Truck Full

Dump Trailer

Material Delivery Fee

Total for Trash Haul / Material Pick Up


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