daily rates

Daily Rates

Price is important to everyone. Sight unseen estimates seldom maintain their initial quote, so we have attempted to do the impossible by offering a simplified breakdown of our business model. 

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By providing our labor rate you may be able to understand how we bid small jobs.  As a potential client you can make a more educated assessment on what a job may cost.  We originally adopted this method for realtors as it made it easier for them to give the client a ball park on what something may cost. The value offered here shines brightest when a home inspector submits his punch list. The break down comes to $37.50/hour per person (this includes a supervisor).  There are no additional fuel or trip charges for going to the store for more materials (provided the listing is within the Greater Houston Area).

A fully remodeled bathroom
A fully remodeled bathroom

​How we charge:

Larger jobs (any job taking more than 3 days) shall be bid in a traditional sense.  As mentioned, although a phone call and some pictures may give us a rough idea we will need to walk the job  to confirm a final quote. 

​Smaller jobs, any job taking 3 days or less, will be priced on our hourly day rate plus materials.  For jobs that take not more than 3 days we do a simple formula of time plus material.

​We charge per day 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • 1 worker = $600
  • 2 workers = $1000
  • 3 workers = $1200

*Always included in our time plus material rate is, supervisor, truck, tools, and most material pickups.

There are many benefits to doing a day rate especially when there are multiple small jobs to do.  Our crews are all knowledgeable in a variety of trades.

Ex: Say you had a small sheet rock repair and paint job, but in addition you also wanted to add some new lights, change a fan, put in a new sink faucet for two bathrooms and a kitchen, that is probably a two man job and under most circumstances we complete all of those things in one day.   The cost savings of not having to mobilize three separate disciplines is self explanatory.   Each crew member is a force multiplier, so your project will see a noticeable increase in productivity when there are 2-3 workers present which in turn provides the best value for the client.

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What our clients say about us and our work

“We were so impressed with their work”

We enlisted the services of R&R for various home repairs, and we couldn't be happier with the results. They provided excellent workmanship at a fair price and completed the project within the expected timeframe. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need.

“Absolutely incredible.”

Working with Mike and John was an absolute delight! They performed outstanding work at a reasonable price, exhibiting utmost professionalism and responsiveness. Our project involved a modest addition above the garage, resulting in the creation of our dreamy master suite along with a fantastic home office.

“Exceeded my expectations!”

These individuals exceeded my expectations with the services they provided! Whether it was the impeccable drywall repair, the efficient installation of smart lighting controls, orMike and his team are very reliable and trustworthy. I strongly suggest hiring them for your job. He consistently responded to my messages and was always honest. He also does really good work. the flawless interior painting, their work was truly outstanding.

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